From Waypoint to B-FLEXION

Waypoint is changing its name, with the launch today of the B-FLEXION group.

This evolution is a further signal of the natural progression of our strategy, building upon an investment track-record established over the course of 20 years. It is the B-FLEXION group’s belief that its approach and talents – which combine the multi-generational family values of its founder, a true entrepreneurial mindset, alongside institutional grade disciplines – makes it stand apart from other firms.

So, it is time for the group to reflect that in its identity, with B-FLEXION - a name that is unique and allows the business to be proudly distinct.

The businesses, investment teams and asset managers with which B-FLEXION partners are unaffected by this change, proudly retaining their individual and established names and identities, as well as their ways of working.

As of today, the 17th of January, the group’s new visual identity will start to be rolled-out, with its website moving to Other changes will follow in due course, but otherwise it is very much ‘business as usual’ for the group, as it strives to generate exceptional and lasting value for its clients, while contributing positively to society.